Design is a DYNAMIC MEDITATION. It’s about looking at a product from as many angles as possible with a goal of reshaping it into something different than it was before. Something better. Something the client truly loves. At STUDIO BC, I use the DESIGN APPROACH TO CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING to help clients' TRANSFORM LIFESTYLE HABITS - from negative to positive. 

Design requires FOCUS, DISCIPLINE, PRACTICE, CREATIVITY, EXPLORATION, AWARENESS, FAITH, PERSEVERANCE and PLANNING. These are magical ingredients that have a huge impact on the economy when it comes to bringing world-changing products to market. They also have a huge impact on a client's success when it comes to managing challenges associated with the cosmic duty of being a happy and healthy individual. Being connected in BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Being at one with the changing world and their place in it. 

Services offered at STUDIO BC work in CONFLUENCE with all traditional therapy. It is a PERSONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT service with a mission to help individuals and organizations EXPLORE and NAVIGATE the journey to HEALTH and HAPPINESS of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. I work one-on-one with clients to IDENTIFY GOALS, DEVELOP CORE SKILLS and MAINTAIN simple and effective LIFESTYLE CHANGES that benefit their general well-being over the long-term. STUDIO BC serves as a ON-CALL RESOURCE for initiating positive health-focused habits into your daily routine and a CONFIDENTIAL ADVISER for the duration of my clients' journey.