I was so fascinated with magic growing up, my folks hired a professional magician to come to our house every other Saturday morning to teach me. Jerry Cox was his name. He instructed me on the fundamentals of the art of magic: sleight, patter, one-ahead, misdirection, flourish, etc. He also shared fundamentals of the science of magic: how people can be easily fooled and their focus easily distracted by clever tricks. The lessons made an impression so deep, they shape who I am today.

I share magical fundamentals with my clients at STUDIO BC, too: breathing, balance, stretching, plant-based cooking, moving to music, energywork, etc. I also share the current science of how these simple practices can have a huge effect on the health & happiness of our body, mind & spirit. They MANIFEST POSITIVE CHANGE within our circle of influence in the present moment through simple, focused conjuring. They are the essential ingredients of REAL MAGIC.

What makes it even cooler is that all humans are perfectly designed to BENEFIT from this type of PRACTICAL MAGIC. It’s not just for people with impressively-sequined tuxedo jackets. It is here for EVERYONE to experience TODAY - on some level - regardless of present lifestyle challenges.



Every journey has to start somewhere. Ben-Chi SESSIONS are where I invite many new clients to begin. It serves as a down-to-earth approach to exploring how our human energy transfers from one system to the next - affecting the body, mind & spirit along the way.

I like to think of Ben-Chi as a chakra-shuffle. It’s a beginner-level BMS (Body Mind Spirit) PRACTICE that mashes-up fundamentals of Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, classical dance stretching, balance exercises, yoga and energywork into a DYNAMIC MEDITATION that can be customized to the client’s needs, learned quickly & easily and practiced anywhere - regardless of current health limitations.

TVA (transverse abdominis) isolation and activation, balance techniques, breathing techniques, Chi circulation, posture awareness, stretching and exercise fundamentals are the CORE FOCUS. (No pun intended.) Ben-Chi SESSIONS introduce clients to fundamentals of meditation and proven stress-management techniques. They are designed to increase AWARENESS and ACCEPTANCE of what’s happening within us and around us - and how these factors impact the general health & happiness of body, mind & spirit.

A few Ben-Chi BREAKS here & there add up to BIG CHANGE over time. The easy-to-understand concepts we explore contribute to shaping skills we need to help quiet the constant chatter in our heads and help us better manage never-ending daily distractions.



BEN’S BALLROOM SESSIONS are an unconventional yet super-effective approach to gaining self-confidence and command within the realm of body, mind & spirit. It grows from 30 years of experience teaching people how to dance. The natural fear & anxiety associated with learning a SOCIAL ART is confronted and overcome by switching the focus from footwork to understanding the body-mechanics associated with moving to music and developing CORE SKILLS to make practice rewarding and fun.

BEN’S BALLROOM explores the physics of CONNECTION, FRAME, and LEADING & FOLLOWING as it relates to dance - and the metaphor of how these ideas relate to a client’s lifestyle as a whole. Fundamental patterns & exercises are deconstructed to reveal surprising similarities between the nature of dance, musical rhythm and the rhythm of life.

Ben's Ballroom is a scientifically-proven TOTAL BODY WORKOUT and a touted form of DYNAMIC MEDITATION. It is designed to BENEFIT EVERYONE with a desire to learn.

Check out the RIVERBANK SOCIAL CLUB website for more info.  




It’s fair to assume the majority of us has a good grasp of WHAT we need to do to experience the benefits of long-term health and happiness: Eat right, exercise daily, drink enough water and get enough sleep are the biggies. We could name others, of course.

It’s also fair to assume the majority of us has a grasp of WHY we need to do these things: Because HEALTHY PRACTICES and LONG-TERM HEALTH & HAPPINESS of body, mind and spirit are intrinsically connected. They are two sides of the same coin.

The challenge for most of us trying to take better care of ourselves, however, lies in the inability to change our own habits. We know what we need to do. We know why. We just need someone to guide us HOW.

CONNECT WITH COOKING SESSIONS are far more than cooking classes. They are in-depth dynamic mediations custom-designed for exploring and practicing fundamental COOKING and PERSONAL HEALTH MANAGEMENT SKILLS that help clients change the direction of their lifestyle through the simple act of cooking for yourself. I call it THE POWER BOWL APPROACH. It is an EASY, ECONOMICAL and EFFECTIVE approach on how to TRAIN BELLY & BRAIN to crave more plants & whole foods over unhealthy alternatives - and learn to ENJOY THE PRACTICE.

Each CONNECT WITH COOKING SESSION is customized to the client's needs. The plant-based cooking fundamentals we explore serve as EASY-TO-ADOPT DAILY HABITS that connect body, mind & spirit to the MAGIC & POWER OF PLANTS.